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It’s Summer Time

It’s Summer Time!

Spring has sprung and soon the summer season will be upon us. And every Australian loves things that come with this season: the outdoors, beaches and the sun. So, why shouldn’t you support their love and use summer promo items?

Below is a list of products you can preorder to be ahead in your summer promotions.

1. Caps and Hats
Summer means hot sun and hence it is important to protect your face from its rays. Browse through our range of caps and hats that are strong and tough. There are different types available to suit all gifting sun protection needs from truckers and normal caps to straw and cowboy hats.

2. Picnic bags
Who doesn’t cherish a small picnic with your family or friend at beaches and parks during summer? With our variety of small to big family- sized picnic bags, your stakeholders can cater to any gathering size. Some picnic bags also come with a cooler compartment, to keep all wines, champagnes and beer chilled throughout the day.

3. Bottle Openers and Stoppers
Speaking of chilled alcohol, we know that sometimes people can forget to carry a bottle opener to a picnic. Don’t worry we have got it covered! You can buy our range of bottle openers that double up as a key chain so your brand is always in your stakeholder’s pocket.

4. Ice Buckets
Aussies love having an ice cooler in their backyard for all those summer parties. So why not put your brand name on it? Our multiple-use ice buckets can keep all those drinks chilled and also doubles up as a fruit bowl or hamper basket, in case you had other ideas for gifting.

5. Herb Potting Set
Summer also means beautiful plants and greenery all around us. And nothing better to celebrate the new season than some plants for your clients’ house. Our herb potting set comes with soil, seeds and instructions to save time and you can choose between parsley or chives or even both.

Seasons come and go but that doesn’t mean your brand should be forgotten. Promotional items are a forever gift that helps in remembering and marketing your brand.

But our range of items is not limited to the list above. You can browse our website or contact us for an obligation-free consulting.

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